Gorgeous Metallic Purple Nail Polish!

18 02 2011

Eva Garden – Made in Italy


Nail Polish

What is it?
A high quality formula nail polish, hypoallergenic for an extreme lasting effect and without aggressive substances. With different finishes: milky for a natural look, lacquered with intense colours, pearly with a metallic effect, iridescent or with glitter.
How it works
Allows a good glide in application, good coverage with a brilliant and compact film that doesn’t chip.
Directions for use: apply a first light layer on the dry nail polish smoothing n°29 EVAGARDEN .  Wait a few minutes before applying evenly a second coat.
Smoothing Base n ° 29 – Smoothing: recommended before any nail polish.
Top Coat n°25:transparent product to be used exclusively on the nail polishes as a protective shield, helps to accelerate the drying time: to apply after a few minutes once applied the last application of nail polish.
Why you need it
FREE of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP, which are all aggressive and harmful substances for our health. A NAIL POLISH THAT CAN ALSO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN.
Some references have sea water resistant formulations.
Why is it different?
It’s a nail polish with a lacquered gloss, with an extreme durability and doesn’t chip. Embellish our hands that are always visible.
Dermatologically tested
Product hypoallergenic
Product not tested on animals




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