Summer Pastels – EVAGARDEN Pop Life Collection

3 04 2011

EVAGARDEN – Made in ItalyGentle Nail Polish

Nail Polish—No’s 385,385,387

What is it?

A high quality formula nail polish, hypoallergenic for an extreme lasting effect and without aggressive substances. With different finishes: milky for a natural look, lacquered with intense colours, pearly with a metallic effect, iridescent or with glitter.

How it works
Glides easily onto the nail, giving excellent coverage with a brilliant and dense film that doesn’t chip.  Directions for use: apply a first light layer on the dry nail polish smoothing n°29 EVAGARDEN .  Wait a few minutes before applying evenly a second coat.  Smoothing Base n ° 29 – Smoothing: recommended before any nail polish.  Top Coat n°25:transparent product to be used exclusively on the nail polishes as a protective shield, helps to accelerate the drying time: to apply after a few minutes once applied the last application of nail polish.
Why you need it
FREE of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP, which are all aggressive and harmful substances for our health. A NAIL POLISH THAT CAN ALSO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN.  Some of the newly launched polishes have sea water resistant formulations.
Why is it different?
It’s a nail polish with a lacquered gloss, with an extreme durability and doesn’t chip. Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic formula, product not tested on animals, Norm CEE/ FDA/JP APPROVED

Wet & Dry Eye Shadow

No’s  240, 241, 242

Price £17.50

This Wet & dry eye shadow rich in special pearls. Pure “diamond-like” powder that glides onto the eyelids, giving a soft dewy effect.

Applied dry for a transparent and particularly bright colour; applied wet, with the special moistened brush, the texture becomes soft and creamy as a veil of silk on the eyelids and for an intense colour which gives a super shiny effect.  Can be applied with the synthetic brush n° 8 EVAGARDEN.

It leaves a very bright, long lasting, thin and comforting film.  The unique technology contained in this new texture is unprecedented; micronized pigments and a new production process guarantee the creaminess and ensure adherence with a perfect even application. The high percentage of pearls makes this eye shadow precious.

Volumising Joy Gloss—No  76, 77, 78

A volumising gloss with a mirror effect, with a combination of brilliance and fullness of colour in a gloss that leaves a thin and luminous film on the lips. A sophisticated and full look!

This innovative soft and smooth film which adheres well to the lips contains oils to nourish the skin.  This gives an exceptional comfort and anti-aging and anti-oxidants properties.  Contains Vitamin E and is SPF 10.

Get a luxurious and plumping fullness, safe in the knowledge that you are protecting and caring for your lips.

Velvet Lipstick —No’s  410, 411, 412

A lipstick that sculpts and perfectly shapes the lips, with a luminous and intense colour. Pleasantly smooth, melts on the lips protecting and moisturizing them thanks to the pomegranate extract and Vitamin E.

A very smooth texture and lightweight film thanks to the innovative jellifying agents. Apply to lips with make-up brush n°3 after the application of the lip pencil for lip contour.

Comfortable, with excellent adherence, with a luminous effect and precious anti-aging action.  Protects with SPF12 and is emollient and moisturizing.

Eye Liner —No 05 Brown

A fluid eye liner and applicator with latex point which allows to outline easily a neat and precise line.

The fluid formula allows a decisive line, extremely light and with perfect long lasting wear.  For a natural look, draw a thin line on top of the lashes of the upper eyelid. For a more sophisticated look, draw a thicker line from the inner eye towards the outside corner. Shake before use.

An ultra-defined line with an intense look, this easy to apply liner is quick drying and long lasting. Non-spill bottle.

Pop Collection Bronzer  Foundation—No 528

A compact foundation to unify your tan and protect from harmful sunrays. Can also be used at the beach.

Its transparent, moisturizing and creamy texture blends on the skin leaving a naturally tanned, luminous and even complexion.

Apply with a latex sponge or with a large brush (no23 Eva Garden  brush) for a lighter more natural effect.

It gives an anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect, thanks to the presence of g-orizanol and vitamin E.  The micronized titanium and other treated minerals with innovative technologies guarantee an adequate sun protection (SPF 15). Water resistant.

Neutralizes free radicals protecting the skin against signs of aging.  Minimizes imperfections giving the tanned skin a uniform and long lasting effect.




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